Portfolio of underground mining projects

DTS has performed many undgeround equipment repairs and rebuilds such as: roofbolters, cable reelers, panline bolters, continuous miners, shuttle cars, haulers, rock dusters, mobile roof support systems, scoops, belt-drive take ups, longwall components, feederbreaker and many more! We strive to be the one stop solution for all componentry related to all mining equipment such as drillheads, cylinders, pumps, motors, valves, etc.


With our certified technical solutions team, we have the expertise to help you Custom Design equipment to improve your underground working conditions.

Our Component Exchange program allows us to custom tailor component inventory to your needs across a wide spectrum of equipment manufacturers incluiding J.H. Fletcher and Joy Manufacturing.

Open Pit/Surface

Portfolio of open pit/surface mining projects

DTS is the only authorized Hitachi Truck Manufacturing repair center in the United States. DTS has performed many repairs on above ground mining equipment such as haul trucks, shovels and loaders. Repairs and rebuilds are also performed on components to support this equipment such as hydraulic components (cylinders, pumps, motors, valves), and mechanical components (wheel drives and swing transmissions).

  We can provide Custom Designs to your equipment.
Ask us about our Component Exchange program tailored to decrease your equipment downtime.