Hydraulic Cartridge Test Unit


  • Seven different cartridge cavities to accommodate testing and setting of SUN Hydraulics ® pressure relief, pressure reducing, sequence, counterbalance, and motion control cartridge valves found on J.H. Fletcher ® bolters.
  • Cavity blanking plugs installed in the manifold to be installed into the machine in place of a cartridge being tested to prevent loss of system oil and mess.
  • Complete tool kit consisting of an aluminum diamond plate tool box, a set of the appropriate size combination wrenches to remove and install the cartridges and a ball end hex key driver to fit the adjusting screw on the SUN Hydraulics ® cartridges.

DTS Fluid Power Inc. has recently redesigned our cartridge test kit for testing and setting SUN ® cartridge valves on J.H. Fletcher ® roof bolters. Our test unit allows most SUN ® cartridges on Fletcher machines to be checked and preset off of the machine providing an easier and safer means of performing pressure checks and settings. You can now remove a suspected malfunctioning SUN ® cartridge and verify its function and pressure setting without having to operate the roof bolter, making troubleshooting hydraulic performance issues faster and simpler. You no longer have to isolate or dead-head circuits to perform these tasks on the machine.  Weve added features that make our new unit easy to carry to the job, and provided additional SUN ® cavities for more versatility.